• Search through artist images and content to purchase reproductions or originals.
  • Download music or media directly and pick up merch from your favorite musician’s store.
  • Create a custom project or pick something from our templates.
  • Buy a performance package to suit your event or custom-build a project by picking
    the pieces you need from an incredible range of custom-printed products.


We’ve created a network for live events and designers focused on creativity with concepts that are ready to be custom-ordered. You can also hire out an artist for their posted services. Let’s connect up and get our venues rolling, our stages ready to put on shows and our artists back to making art!

With professional designers, artists, musicians and producers on demand, our e-commerce engine facilitates direct hire contracts and payouts making it easier for you to find what you need. We’re making it easier for everyone to put on an event or design a custom space. Impress your people with the newest designs and ideas!


With an emphasis on transparency and a focus on ecology we are helping direct an audience toward hand-crafted, local and sustainable production with more proceeds going to artists. We treat our products as a dialog between the producers and customers, with batch productions and shared resources to connect communities.


We’re trained and available to help you plan and design. Our list of services will allow you to finish what you’ve started and give you the opportunity to find an audience through our friends and users.


Artist interviews give you in-depth knowledge about processes and backstories. Our film sets and design products are changing the industry by offering printed content with the added value of projected images.

With design/production services available, musical acts and performers have the resources to find themselves in a community of venues and a wider audience drawn in by our articles and store.

The future is custom and ITCO has it.

Product Packages

We group products together to form items configured to work together. These are designed to create a larger object or a more large-scale environment without the need to start from scratch. Choose from Artist images, bring your own graphics or pick us for your graphic design.

Project Templates

When you’re ready to start customizing it’s time to jump into the project area. Projects are pre-grouped Products and Services that come together to create an original work of art. Browse & learn how we spec our stuff. Once you’ve got the hang of things jump in and come up with some of your own zany ideas!

You can say something like, “My uncle made the coolest thing ever.”

And we’ll be like, “Don’t you want to outspend and out-perform him? Let’s get together on this thing.” That’s how we steal your soul!