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A virtual artist village, research community and gig portal with many closely guarded secrets, magical doorways and dedicated to the preservation and creation of ecological culture. Jump aboard mystics and polymaths – let’s win creating an rag-tag ACME for the 21st Century! Open the Pandora’s box of criticism and fall in love all over again. All over again and again, forever!


Grouped design products for functionality – Interiors, A/V, Live Events, etc.

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  • Music Video
  • Studio Album
  • Demos
  • Press Kit


  • Room Divider
  • AV Lounge
  • Video Installation
  • Stage Backdrop

Projects are Products grouped with Services for customization and collaboration.

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Browse product ideas before you Customize

Here are the main category types we’re featuring on our site. You can find artist originals along with collaborations to inspire you to throw an event or take your project live.

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A Virtual Freelance Portal

Book artist services individually or through Project Templates. Services will allow you to progress your own projects forward with a little help from our friends.

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